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Welcome to first grade!  This will be a year filled with learning and growth for your child. You will be quite surprised at the things your child will learn this year. I plan on teaching your child to the best of my ability while at the same time make it an enjoyable experience. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


Students are required to know the following before entering First Grade:

  • Listen, follow directions and take turns
  • Self-discipline to investigate and complete assignments
  • Recognize and write the ABC's
  • Identify all consonant and vowel letter sounds
  • Decode the individual letter sounds in words
  • Hand-on and visual experiences with quantities 1-10
  • Count and write numbers 1-100
  • Hands-on experiences with addition and subtraction


Homework and Readers are assigned and sent home Monday through Thursday.  Consistency and parent involvement is appreciated.


Field trips are planned around unit studies.  They are to local sites, parks, and wildlife refuges.  Parent volunteers and drivers are needed for these events.


Our program involves non-denominational Biblical teaching and prayer.  A Beka text books are used for math, language, spelling, poetry, and science.  Positive Action For Christ is used for Bible.  Houghton Mifflin is also used to supplement the Language Arts curriculum.  By doing so, the students are introduced to a wider variety of authors and modern literary styles.  It also gives them more experiences with sentence and journal writing.  The themes  provide a base to launch off into art, science, and social studies lessons.

Phonics and Reading

  • Review of vowels, consonants, blends, one and two vowel words, consonant blends
  • Recognition and use of all phonics special sounds in reading
  • Spelling rules: doubling consonants, dropping silent e, changing y to i

Cursive Writing

  • Review of letter formation
  • Daily seatwork practice in all academic areas

Spelling and Poetry

  • Weekly phonics-based word list
  • Weekly test with phonics
  • Reinforcement activities
  • Eight poems committed to memory


  • Capitalization of first word in a sentence, proper names, days of the week, and months of the year
  • Correct punctuation at the ends of sentences
  • Recognition of complete sentences.
  • Words using suffixes, prefixes, syllables, compound words, rhyming words, opposite words, same meaning words, and contractions
  • Alphabetizing of words
  • Writing complete sentences and short stories

This Is My America

  • Flag, Freedom, Symbols, Great People, America Grows, America Talks, America Travels, America is Beautiful and America Sings

This is My World

  • Mexico, Peru, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, England, the Netherlands, Norway, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Israel, Egypt, India, China, Australia, Guam, American Samoa


  • Number recognition, counting, and writing 1-1,000.
  • Greatest to least.
  • Counting and writing by ten's, five's, two's, and three's.
  • Number sequences and ordinal numbers.
  • Addition facts through 13 and three digit subtraction.
  • Story problems.
  • Numbers before and after, by one's, two's ten's.
  • Between numbers
  • Counting and combining coins.
  • Telling time to the nearest five minutes.
  • Recognizing odd and even numbers.
  • English and some metric measurements.
  • Place value in ones, tens, and hundreds.
  • Unit fractions.
  • Reading a thermometer and using a ruler.
  • Multiple combinations.
  • Concept of multiplication.
  • Calendar, reading pictographs and bar graphs.
  • Developing listening skills.
  • Roman numerals.

Health and Human Biology

  • Discovering Myself.

Energy, Animals, Plants, and Seasons

  • Discovering My Toys.
  • Discovering Animals and Insects.
  • Discovering Plants.
  • Discovering Seasons.

Health, Safety, Manners

  • Eating Good Foods; Exercising; Rest; Posture; Care of body; Clothing; and Home.
  • Safety at home and away from home.
  • Safety on Streets, Playground, Water.
  • Manners at Home, School, Church, Public.




Mrs Victorson
Mrs. Patricia Victorson has had over 12 years of teaching experience with first graders. She holds a CA Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, which authorizes her to teach preschoolers through adults. Other pursuits and experiences have been in the areas of art, puppetry, and special education. Patti is an active members of Santa Clara First Baptist Church.